Indiana AIDS Walk 2019

2018 Fighting Squirrels
2018 Fighting Squirrels

The Fighting Squirrels

The Indiana AIDS Walk provides support to those in need with HIV/AIDS. Maybe you know someone with HIV/AIDS, maybe you lost a friend, family member, or loved one to HIV/AIDS, or maybe you just want to help support those in need. On Sunday, September 22, 2017, our team, The Fighting Squirrels (formally Team King – The Fighting Squirrels), will walk to raise money for the Gregory R. Powers Direct Emergency Financial Assistance (DEFA) Fund.
DEFA pays for emergency expenses for Hoosiers living with HIV/AIDS who are at or below the poverty line. Last year, DEFA helped thousands with basic needs such as utility payments, keeping a family from becoming homeless, visits to doctors and specialists, prescription drug refills, bus passes, and more. The life-saving medications alone can cost thousands of dollars monthly! Job stability may be an issue for those living with HIV/AIDS because of the co-occurring factors and the many doctor and specialist visits required to maintain their health or improve their condition.
The Fighting Squirrels have been walking in the Indiana AIDS Walk for several years and have been one of the major fundraising teams involved. The group is made up of LGBTQs in recovery along with their friends, families, and other supporters. We hope to continue our fundraising tradition this year. Your donation will help those Hoosiers who are struggling the most, and help to overcome the barriers that HIV/AIDS patients often encounter. Sometimes it is difficult just trying to keep the heat on in the winter. Whatever the case may be, your donation will help Hoosiers living with HIV/AIDS who are in need, and give them a fighting chance.

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