Thank you for being an active fundraiser for the Indiana AIDS Walk. Fundraising is critical  to ensure that we continue to help those in our community.

Here are a few ideas to help you and your team be successful:

  1. Set up your online page: The key to successful fundraising begins with creating your personal online fundraising page. For the best success, populate your page with pictures and your personal story. Tell the world what is motivating you to walk in this year’s event.
  2. Share, Share, Share: Through your online personal page, you will find links to share your fundraising page to your social media accounts. Use them!
  3. Dress Down Friday: Organize a donate to dress down event in your office! Ask your boss about letting your coworkers dress casual for a small donation. For example, a $5 donation, might allow your co-workers to dress casual for the day!
  4. Team Garage Sale: Bring your team together and organize a summer garage sale! This win-win idea will help you clear clutter while raising funds for your team.
  5. Sit for Donations: “Sit” for donations by telling your friends you are looking to babysit, cat/dog sit, or house sit, all for a donation to your fundraising efforts.
  6. DIY Connection: Have a talent with do-it-yourself projects? Use your talent to raise money for your team by selling your one-of-a-kind creations.
  7. A Trip to Plato: We all have those items in our closets that no longer fit, but still have value. You and your team can collect your unneeded clothes and accessories and take a trip to Plato’s Closet, or any consignment store. The money you make can go to your fundraising total.
  8. Novel Idea: Gather friends and ask them to bring their used books. For a small donation, everyone at your party can swap and exchange books.
  9. Karaoke Night: Bring out the Karaoke machine and let the bidding begin! Put a price on hearing one of your friends sing an old favorite. Pay to make the bad singing stop or charge a specific amount to allow someone to sing one of the classics.
  10. Tribute Day: Everyone is impacted by HIV.  Pick a day between now and the Walk that means something to you and/or your team and designate it as a “Tribute Day.” On this day, encourage others to share your fundraising page on social media along with their personal story. 
  11. Texting Tuesday: Each Tuesday, between now and the Walk, send a text message to your contacts with a link to your personal page and ask them to give.  

Have an idea that has worked in the past? Share it with us on Facebook so we can recommend it to others. Remember, creativity can go a long way!